“Samatat Shahrazad W Lam Taskot”: Seminar on the Annual Departure of Dr. Raoufah Hassan


On the seventh annual anniversary of the departure of Dr. Raoufah Hassan Al-Sharqi, a seminar titled “Samatat Shahrazad W Lam Taskot: Shahrazad Paused and was Not Hushed” was conducted at the GDSRC hall on May 6th of the year 2018. The seminar was attended by the Vice President of Centers’ Affairs, Secretary General – Mr. Abdul Kaher Al Asli , and a couple of academics at Sana’a University. Dr. Al Sharqi’s mother, brother and some of her relatives were also among the attendees.

At the seminar, relatives of the late Dr. Raoufah received an honorary shield from the GDRSC in recognition of her prominent role in establishing the center. The honorary shield was handed over by Dr. Abdul wahab al-Washli, Vice President of Centers Affairs, Sana’a University.

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